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I have used Gary Hipworth as an accounting trouble shooter in a number of complex business environments, including both manufacturing and services. The normal scenario is when I require a quick diagnosis of a problem and a speedy fix. Gary has a good accounting track record, but also a very good nose for identifying root causes and cutting through people and business obstacles to achieve a recommended fix.

Andrew Murrowood

Regional General Manager, Ready Group

When you feel ill you call the doctor, the same goes for business. Our company had all the symptoms of a major breakdown. We grew faster than what our administration and finances could cope with.

Gary Hipworth put our feet firmly on the ground. His no nonsense ‘show me don’t tell me’ approach got us back to business basics. He is an excellent coach, his ability and willingness to share his own experiences and develop peoples skills that benefits both them and the company have instilled a concrete philosophy in my approach to business. Thanks Gary.

Tim Gore

Director, Veal Link Pty Ltd

Working in my capacity as a Company Director and Financial Controller, I have found Gary Hipworth able to understand complex financial/managerial problems and implement solutions. He is an extremely experienced executive, thinks laterally, is keen to see that production levels are linked to required financial results and possesses excellent communication techniques. Gary’s financial knowledge and managerial expertise can be extremely beneficial to organisations wanting to improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

Richard Etherton

Director, Blue Pyrenees Wineries

Gary Hipworth’s approach to business, was an essential part of the re-development and expansion of my renovating business. Gary assisted me to take my business to the next level, from a sole trader to a company that now employs six full-time staff. He guided me through all aspects of business development, from establishing polices and procedures to overhauling my accounting system. Gary Hipworth is definitely a secret weapon in the business world.

Andrew Thom

ART Renovations Pty Ltd

Rapid growth, a changing corporate environment and the need to move away from 13 individually run businesses toward a streamlined entity, presented Healthwise Pharmacy Group with a range of problems. Gary Hipworth was contracted by our organisation to undertake a systematic review of the full accounting function and provide an accounting model that supplied an immediate improvement in corporate reporting with the ability to become a more value added component of the larger business to meet future demands.

Gary’s ability to engage in our vision and challenge our mindset, along with his strength of character and determination, has contributed enormously to Healthwise Pharmacies Group current and future success.

Rhonda Hodgetts

Human Resources Manager, Healthwise Management (Australia) Pty Ltd

Essentially Gary has enabled me to become a better businessperson. In addition, Gary is a very kind and generous person and truly cares about seeing people succeed – and succeed you will if you enjoy learning and setting goals in both business and life. I have no hesitation in recommending Gary’s services.

Kylie Warne

Diector, Warne Marketing Pty Ltd. Melbourne/Geelong.

I have worked with Gary Hipworth over the last 10 years in his capacity as a business consultant, trainer, mentor, financial and general manager, and as an agent of change. In each of these roles he has made an effective contribution chiefly through his ability to bring fresh and innovative solutions to difficult circumstances; to develop a team culture and attitude amongst those around him; and to equip those entrusted to his responsibility with the skills and motivation to fulfil the roles demanded of them.

Gary has a real affinity for small and medium sized businesses and can make a real and positive difference for those prepared to work with him in solving their challenges in business. In all of this he does not lose sight of the need to maintain a balance in life so that a suitable quality of life can be achieved and maintained.

Bruce Ellis

Director, Te Popo Gardens, Palmerston. NZ

To clients Gary Hipworth contributes financial and management depth and can impart this with great coaching skills.

Graeme Chaplin

Mt Eliza Business School

Gary and I have a similar philosophy on life – turning adversity into advantage and strategies for reducing violence in society. To that end, Gary assisted us with the development of a new business plan. With Gary’s input the organisation (EIE) is clearly focused on its way forward. It has been great working with Gary as his experience in creating business plans has been invaluable. Gary is also mentoring our team as we progress. Thank you Gary.

Ken Marslew AM.

CEO, Enough Is Enough Anti-Violence Movement Inc.