Why should your business exist?


Everyone is driven by a ‘why’. So many business owners’ immediate reaction is to say: “to make money”, and that could well be true. But how you’ve chosen to make money is a big clue to your ‘why’.
Discovering and harnessing the energy you get from the reason you’re in business and WHY you’ve chosen to run the business you do is really important. It’s what drives you and motivates you.

What is your greater purpose? If you don’t know, you can’t achieve it. Let’s explore more about your purpose.

“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.”

– Friedrich Nietzsche


It’s likely that you’ve landed at Maverick Solutions because you’re searching for a solution to your pain – the stress and pain you’re feeling because your business is not working as you want it to.

The fact you’re feeling pain is not a bad thing in itself. It’s nature’s way of drawing urgent attention to something that needs to be changed. If you have no big reason to change your life, then it probably won’t happen.

To regain freedom and control in your life and business, you need to know what you want. The truth is: most people don’t have a clue what they want! They don’t know their purpose.

• What do you want?
• Why do you want it?
• Why should you business exist?
• What is your ultimate purpose?

Your purpose could be:

• Financial freedom for you and your family
• Time to spend with your children while they’re young
• The chance to work for a worthy cause and support your community
• The buzz you get from leading teams
• The recognition you receive from running an innovative business.

Gary Hipworth will help you identify why you’re in business, and will then help you introduce systems and processes in your business that allow you to achieve your goals – whether it’s financial, community, lifestyle or time-related.

Gary Hipworth of Maverick Solutions is dedicated to supporting business owners because he sees in them the pain he knows from growing up in a family strapped for cash because of a failing business.

He also knows knows what success feels like, what courage feels like, what going beyond the status quo feels like and what being the head of a thriving business feels like. And best of all, he knows exactly how to help you find all of these latent qualities in yourself. You are much more capable than you think, and once you get ‘on a roll’ again with Gary’s mentoring, your business will go to the next level with far less effort and less stress than you ever imagined.

Gary has extensive experience, with a strong background in both manufacturing and service-based industries and is a sought-after management consultant to corporate, medium and small organisation.

A passion and talent for bringing out the best in people, Gary Hipworth thrives on building great teams, innovation, problem solving, customer research and exploring new ideas and possibilities.

Gary also volunteers his time to organisations that care and support people who have experienced violence, financial insecurity, relationship breakdown or homelessness.

You can phone Gary Hipworth at Maverick Solutions on 0416 121 142 for further information on his services and products.

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