Our conditioning – unfortunately – focuses far too much on what can go wrong and how to avoid it. This approach to life might be of some help when we are toddlers and need to be kept safe from falling down a big hole. However it is definitely not the attitude you need to become a successful entrepreneur!

When you are next pondering what went wrong, try a different approach entirely. Yes, do the opposite and ask what is going right. Here are some “Value Finding” questions to help you get started:

– what was the best thing that happened to you today?

– what was the highlight of your day week trip etc?

– what two things did you like best or appreciate most about —-?

– what was the best most meaningful part of your meeting etc?

– what would you do more or less of another time?

– what feelings are you having right now about the decision or project you are considering?

– with what aspects of it are you feeling most comfortable how about least comfortable?

– what message or insight is waiting for you in these feelings?

– what would it take for you to feel more comfortable?

– in what ways could I be most helpful to you right now?

– talk to me about what you are feeling or thinking right now

– what are you learning from listening to your feelings right now?