I know – you’re immortal and you will never die and I am immortal and pigs fly.

Just in case we have both made a huge mistake, it would be a good thing to pass our hard-earned wisdom to our loved ones and the wider world before we leave this mortal coil.

Here’s the good news too. Using the latest smart phone technology it will only take you about 1 minute!

First, write down on a piece paper your top 3 hard-earned life tips.

Next, switch on your phone video and put in ‘selfie’ mode.

Record your message to your loved ones/ children/ grandchildren. Read from your notes to make sure you get it right. You can also upload to YouTube to share with the world.

Here are my top three wisdom tips: (Let me know your ones!)

1. Always do your best and you will have no regrets, no excuses, no-one to blame and you will find out your real potential.

2. No man is an island – we all live in relationships with each other and nature and everything we do has an impact on someone else, so be responsible for your actions.

3. We are here on this planet to enrich each other’s lives and have some fun. If you are not enjoying yourself consider doing something else because life is too short. Reach out to someone who is struggling with their life. This does two things; stops us thinking that life revolves around ‘me’, and may also save someone else from thinking they are isolated, lonely and hopelessly separate from everyone else.