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I’m going to actually help you improve your business before you pay me any money. Why?

Three Reasons:

1. You are a unique individual and you have a unique business situation. I need some time to assess your situation and then if we choose to continue working together, we negotiate an agreement between us that is a win/win. So no fixed fees or fixed contracts.

2. Until we work together for a reasonable time, we don’t know if we are a good match.

3. I want every business owner to get the tailored help they really need to improve their business.

I am confident I will get you some fast results and then you’ll be more than happy to continue as a valued client.

But if either of us aren’t happy after two weeks, we are both free to walk away. In your case you won’t have spent a cent and you will have some actionable ideas to improve your business performance.

How You Will Benefit From My Business Coaching

Check out the following list of business problems. If you have at least two of these problems then it is highly likely my business coaching system will help you solve these problems and also help you and your team build a valuable business asset for your long-term security and peace of mind.

– No clear vision or direction
– Poor cash flow/ profit
– Low growth, low margins
– You make all the major decisions
– You are working +60 hours a week
– Poor systems with little documentation
– Your business is too reliant on you and therefore not worth much, if anything

Here’s what to do next:

Claim your free two weeks coaching by providing me your contact details and then press the ‘Click to Apply Now’ button.

I will call you within 48 hours to arrange a time to start your free two week’s coaching, or if I can’t help you I will give you some suggested next steps to improve your business.

Whether we make contact or not, I wish you every success in your life and business.

Gary Hipworth
Maverick Business Coach
Work smarter, not harder

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